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Help save history in your community by identifying, exploring, and documenting significant places.

South Side School & Neighborhood Explorations

South Side School & Neighborhood Explorations

"We figured out which buildings in our neighborhood were the tallest and smallest, and made rubbings of date stones and water and gas meter markers." —student quote

South Side School & Neighborhood Explorations

Use the School Questionnaire PDF and Exploring Your Neighborhood PDF worksheet to explore your school and the surrounding neighborhood. Find out for whom your school is named; count the windows, stairs, and doors; and describe the distinctive architectural details of your school. Announce your findings to classmates over the public address system. Then, go outdoors and measure the sidewalks, estimate the height of your school and the surrounding buildings, and find out why the street names are named as they are. You might need the help of your school librarian or a long-time resident to find out the meaning of the street names.

After exploring their schools and touring their neighborhoods, South Side students from Arlington Elementary, Bishop Leonard Catholic, Philip Murray Elementary, and Phillips Elementary return to their classrooms to talk about things they have noticed and share facts they have discovered.

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