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Carson City Saloon

Carson City Saloon

"It's good to recycle buildings." —student quote

1401 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Date and Style
Built in 1896
—American Renaissance

This snazzy bank building combines Greek and Roman elements in the American Renaissance style (1880-1920).
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Facts and Stories Worth Knowing
  • Originally, this building was the German Savings Deposit Bank (see advertisement below).
  • More recently the building housed a Mellon Bank and then a Citizen's Bank until 2005.
  • Notice the rounded arches with the decorated keystones, the triangular pediment above the doorway, and the elaborate flower-like column capitals. The flat roof is topped with a parapet and balustrade with a datestone.


  • In 2005, a private developer purchased the building for $350,000 and renovated it as a restaurant and bar.
  • The Carson City Saloon opened in 2006 (see photos below).
  • In 2011, they added a new bar to cope with customer flow.

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