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1317 East Carson Street

Schwartz Market

“Buildings tell stories in a way, and help us remember the past. They are nice for decoration.” —student quote

Formerly, Schwartz Market

1317 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Date and Style
Built around 1900
—American Renaissance

In this style, beginning in the 1880s, American architects were inspired by Italian and French renaissance forms. Notice the patterned brickwork and large, semi-circular-arched windows with decorative keystones. The cornice has a series of small ornamental brackets called modillions set within large brackets.

Facade improvements funded through the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Streetface Program
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Facts and Stories Worth Knowing
  • In 1916, this was the “American Building,” owned by G. A. Jones, and others. Mr. Jones was a real estate salesman.
  • As you can see from the historic photograph below, the American Building had a fancier roofline originally, and six flags proudly flew abovethe building.
  • Around 1927, Mr. Schwartz opened Schwartz Sanitary Supermarket at 1507 East Carson Street. The “sanitary” sounds unusual now, but the name reflected the new way food was being packaged.
  • The Schwartz family purchased this building in 1938 and operated the store until 1985.
  • The Schwartz family retained ownership of the building, but sold the grocery business to Martin Dorfner and Richard Stanton. The new business owners retained the Schwartz name because it was so familiar to South Siders. The upper stories of the building provided warehouse space for the grocery.


  • The upper stories of the building provide warehouse space for the grocery. While Schwartz Market is currently closed, plans are in the works for reusing the building.
  • In March of 2011, the Schwartz Market closed. The building was put in the hands of Elisa Beck – one of the property owners – and Unity Through Creativity, a non-profit whose purpose it is to sustainably repurpose the Schwartz Market building. Plans include a rooftop garden, worm composting, solar capture, and space to host a marketplace of local organic meat and produce.
  • Read the Post Gazette article from 2-28-11; "South Side's Schwartz Market to close"
  • Read the Post Gazette article from 11-8-11; "Walkabout: At a former South Side market, an engine for green growth"

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