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Main Street Memories

Help save history in your community by recording the stories of long-time residents, collecting and preserving historic photographs, and sketching and writing about significant local landmarks.

Spoken History: Phillilps Elementary Grade 3


Table of Contents

 Johny, by Tina

I learned that Fat Heads at 1805-07 East Carson Street used to be a pizza shop, so now I can talk to my friends about history on the South Side. If I did not know anything about the land and the Forks of the Ohio and the French and Indian War I wouldn't have as much to talk about.

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 My Pop, by Bailey

My grandpap was a child in the late 1940s. He remembers the incline at Bradish Street, which closed in December 1960. There was, and still is, a candy store named Mabel's next to where the incline used to be.

When my pap was 10 years old his mother took him to the candy store. Also on that day she took him for his first ride on the incline. The funny part of this interview is that the incline ride only cost a dime. My pap took me to where the incline used to be. We went into the candy store that is still there and I got to meet Mabel.

I like it when people tell me about things that I can only see in pictures, because these are the things they have seen in real life. Also, it sounds like it would be fun to ride on the incline. The reason this incline is such an important part of Pittsburgh history is that there were only two inclines in the world with a bend, and one of them was here in Pittsburgh.

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