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Help save history in your community by recording the stories of long-time residents, collecting and preserving historic photographs, and sketching and writing about significant local landmarks.

Spoken History: Phillips Elementary Grade 4

Spoken History: Phillips Elementary

"People used to make footballs out of newspapers and they had to use outhouses, even when it was 20 degrees outside." --student quote

Spoken History: Phillips Elementary

I think it is important to hear about people's historical experiences or memories because:

“It will give you insight, and help you make better decisions, and it will better your knowledge about that person. Also, so you can know about different things that happened in that time.” Sadik, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“We can fix mistakes if we learn from history or build safer things to protect more stuff.” Randon, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“If nobody did this, then everything would be a mystery. Also, it is interesting to talk with others about memories, and to find out that your dad did this or your aunt did that.” Goda, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“I was not alive then, so a story can be passed down by generation to generation. That makes people think that the world is a big place and that there was a lot of history that they did not experience. It also makes people think more open-mindedly about our world. No country or person is perfect.” Erik, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“The world changes and not everyone experiences the same things. Sharing a memory lets you be a part of it even if you weren't there.” Briana, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“It is important to learn about people's experiences or memories because it teaches you how some things came to be. It is also important because some things may not be in books.” Ron, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

“We learn a lot from history books. But it is nice to do an oral interview, because when people talk about how they felt, and what they were doing, it almost makes you feel like you were there.” David, Grade 4, Phillips Elementary

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