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Career Awareness: Meeting South Side Professionals

Career Awareness: Meeting South Side Professionals

"It's good to talk with architects, bankers, and other business people because it helps me figure out what I want to do."—-student quote

Career Awareness: Meeting South Side Professionals

Invite people from local businesses and organizations to your school to talk about their professions--and to help you understand how bankers, architects, local business people, non-profit organizations, and others work together for the good of the community. When you talk with career professionals, you'll find that math, science, art, geography, language--and all other academic subjects--are applied in some way, in every successful career.

When business people from East Carson Street visited with Philip Murray School students during a career awareness program on March 18, 2005, they made the following comments about main street:

“It is a perfect place to live and work. I only live a few blocks away from my office and being on main street gives me lots of chances to walk and so many choices of places to eat.” --Doug Davidson, City-net

“I have a great old building and lots of people just stop in to buy flowers because I am on the main street. On Valentine's Day, I sold more than 3,000 roses!” —Cyril Esser, Cindy Esser's Floral Shop

“We are the busiest branch in Pittsburgh! Especially our drive-in window.We think it is because we have a beautiful building in a perfect locatio on the main street.” —Robin Workmeister, PNC Bank

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