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Pittsburgh Voyager: Seeing South Side from the River

Seeing South Side from the River

"Piloting the boat was the best, but it was also neat to go under the bridges and see South Side from the river." —student quote

Pittsburgh Voyager: Seeing South Side from the River

Sometimes it helps to view a place from a distance, in order to get a sense of its topography, density, and character. One of the best places to view South Side is from the Monongahela River, aboard Pittsburgh Voyager. From the boat deck you can see the South Side “flats” and “slopes.” The dense, urban scene of the “flats,” the hillside houses on the “slopes,” and the ethnic character of the place create a picturesque sight.

Aboard the boat students strengthen skills in science and social studies through discussions about the rivers, question-and-answer games, and mapping exercises. Once polluted by industrial waste and raw sewage, Pittsburgh's three rivers are now cleaner. More than 50 species of fish thrive in the inland waters. And remember—don't litter on the land, because that litter could eventually be washed down the South Side slopes and flats into the river, where it would pollute the water.

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