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The South Side Mid-Winter Soup Contest

The South Side Mid-Winter Soup Contest

"As a fourth-grade student from Phillips Elementary School, it was fun to be involved in an event that brought so many adults and local celebrities to the South Side." —student quote

The South Side Mid-Winter Soup Contest

On February 19, 2005, about 1,500 people participated in the South Side Local Development Company's Mid-Winter Soup Contest. People strolled along East Carson Street, in and out of main street stores, sampling soups made by local chefs. Participants voted for their favorite soup, and an official judging took place at the Brashear Association. South Side area schools were represented by Phillips Elementary School principal Dr. Barbara Rudiak, who participated as one of the judges, and by fourth-grade student Briana Gonsar, who helped serve the soup.

The event was a win-win for all. East Carson Street businesses and galleries enjoyed the boost in business created by the event; local chefs received well-deserved publicity--all the soups were delicious; and participants donated about 1,000 cans of soup and a total of $500 to the Brashear Association's food pantry.

Established in 1917, The Brashear Association is the oldest social service organization serving South Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Its food pantry helps 300 South Pittsburgh families each month.

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