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Help save history in your community by restoring and reusing historic buildings.

The Library

The Library

“Buildings help us remember things that happened, and it is important to take care of them so they stay useful.” —student quote

Formerly, The Bridge

2302 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Date and Style
Built in the 1880s
—Victorian (Italianate) style

Erected during the reign of Queen Victoria of England (1837-1901), this Victorian Italianate building is based on the style of Italian Renaissance villas. At the roofline are deep eaves with large brackets on a wide cornice board. The window shapes vary from one floor to the next, and are capped with decorative stone window hoods.

Facade improvements funded through the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Streetface Program
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Facts and Stories Worth Knowing
  • In 1916, the building was owned by E. Rohrkaste, who owned the Empire Laundry Company. Before that, he had a grocery store business here.
  • In the 1980s, Tambellini's Restaurant was located at 2302 East Carson Street.
  • The Bridge restaurant and bar opened in 2004. The upstairs and basement of the building are used for storage space.
  • The Bridge hosted Monday Night Quarterback with Fox Sports, so several players on the Pittsburgh Steelers have visited the restaurant.
  • The building is spotlighted at night, thanks to the South Side Local Development Company's façade lighting program.


  • The former restaurant was named “The Bridge” because it is near the Birmingham Bridge, constructed in 1975-77. The steel, bowstring arch bridge is six lanes wide. It cost $23 million to build and replaced the earlier Brady Street Bridge. The Birmingham Bridge connects the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh with the Oakland section of the city.
  • In 2007, The Library opened in place of The Bridge. The Library offers a selection of famous author and book referenced menu items.

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