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PNC Bank

PNC Bank

I learned that old buildings aren't cruddy and un-interesting, but are fun and cool to look at. —student quote

1736 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Date and Style
Built in 1902
—Classical Revival style

The yellow-gray sandstone is a wonderful contrast to the warm, red brick. The entablature of the Classical doorway includes an egg-and-dart molding. The Greeks designed the egg-and-dart molding thousands of years ago: the egg symbolizes birth and the dart symbolizes death. The initials PTCP (Peoples Trust Company of Pittsburgh) are carved in a medallion, and the Roman numerals (MCMII) tell us when the building was constructed (1902).

Facade improvements funded through the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Streetface Program
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Facts and Stories Worth Knowing
  • PNC Bank has been here since 1959.
  • This building was one of the first to be cleaned, or restored, on East Carson Street. John Martine, who designed theBirmingham mural, was the architect of the building restoration in 1977.
  • Customers include members of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Panthers.


  • About 1,000 people visit the branch bank each day! Each week, between 6,000 and 8,000 people from all over the city visit the bank. The bank is open six days a week, and ten people work there each day.
  • This South Side branch is one of the busiest in Western Pennsylvania.

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