Downtown Dragons
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Hi! I'm Theo. I come to life through some animations on this website. You'll see me and hear what I have to say as you explore 25 places in downtown Pittsburgh.


Hi! I'm your tour guide. I'm Theo, the Grotesque. I used to be on the top of a building in downtown Pittsburgh. The building was torn down in 1984, but I was saved. Now I stand guard over a fountain at Station Square.

Follow me into downtown Pittsburgh. I want you to meet some of my friends who hang out on historic buildings. Are you ready to find some dragons, lions, eagles, gargoyles, and other kinds of cool creatures and surprising things?

From Station Square we'll walk across a bridge and along downtown streets, and then ride back on the subway.

Be sure to click on the Fast Facts and Building AGE buttons at each Tour Stop. Then, move to the next stop with me!

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